Justin Cole

Justin Cole (Formerly Justin Arthur Mason), foster-son of Carl Cole and Isabella Cole and foster-brother of Dermet, Alice, Rose and Dan Cole.

Early LifeEdit

Before he became a vampire he was the son of a wealthy land lord, when he was 17 and World War I started he wanted to become a soldier.

Like many soldiers he was wounded while in the trenches and nearly died if it hadn't been for Master Vampire, Carl Cole who ran threw the line of fire, scooped up Justin and took him away from No Man's Land.

He took him to the Cole family and after discussion they all agreed to make him a Newborn to save his life.


He hates what he is, a monster, he only wanted to make his father and mother proud by joining the war but now he would never see them again and he would live to watch their funerals.

He is prone to pain, going threw the 500 years a Newborn must go threw to get a hold of his powers and fully control his bloodlust.

He prefers most of the time to be by himself.


He was handsome to begin with before he became a vampire, untidy reddish brown hair, blue eyes and a beautiful smile, when he turned into a vampire his features became more beautiful and his eyes were a bronzish gold.

He prefers to wear a grey shirt or a white shirt and a light brown sweatshirt and jeans.