Jessica Sparks
Daughter of Phoebe
Child of Darkness
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 3 March 1995
Current age 16
Gender Female
Family Robert Sparks - Father

Phoebe - Mother

Nyx - Grandmother

Status Single
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Tan-brown
Height 6'7
Weight (in lbs) 190 lbs
Alias  ???
Affiliation Demititans
Weapons Long Sword
Species Demititan
Home Camp Half-Blood
Appearances  ???
Quests To be given

Jessica Sparks is the daughter of Phoebe, the titanness of darkness and mysteries. She appears in "The Other side of Power." She is very tall and strong. She is more than twice the strength of Clarisse.


Jessica Sparks was born at 3 March 1995. Before she came here, she witnessed the whole battle and how the battle only lasts for about in less than a week and the titans are defeated. She wants revenge and she sought a group called "Black Phoenix". The group is surprised at how tall she is but they welcome her.All of her godly parents are darkness related, so she had near perfect control over the darkness and the shadows.


Jessica was an angry girl, likes to attack people who insult her, thus she is feared by most. Her mother abandoned her when she was a child, thus making her having a hard life.


Due to her incredibly strong presence, she radiates a huge amount of fear and is immune to any effects like fear, charmspeak, curses, etc. Even standing near her makes people shivering from fear.

She is also known as an "Autotracker", meaning that she could track any demigod of monster, regardless of the environment.


All of her powers were darkness based. She is a master at manipulating darkness. She could also use it as a shield or a weapon. She could instill terror so intense on someone's mind that that person will go insane.

She can also turn invisible and ambush a legion of heroes in the shadows.


She's an amazing sword fighter and she's a sharpshooter at bows and arrows. She had been known to hit a target 750 meters away only using her bows and arrows.

Her sword and bows and arrows can inflict immense terror on her opponent, causing him/her to stop on the spot, collapse and driven insane.