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Holoverse Wiki is a wiki that is dedicated to young imaginative writers. A place where everyone can write their own stories that consist of fantasies, different worlds, heroism, galaxies of far away kingdoms.

Welcome to the Holoverse Wiki. This is a place where you can write and create characters of different sort. This is about wastelands, where you will wonder endlessly, Vampires, the group of people that will stop at nothing to get your blood , demigods, part human, part gods they cry and laugh just like you do the only difference is they have the blood of the immortals and last but not the least the superheroes, they have powers that you the normal humans don't and they use it for good. Now start writing oh writer! Let your creativity wander the endless fields of Holoverse!

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Sensing a War (War of Worlds)

Sensing a War (War of Worlds) written by Ersason219 talks about what is happening in the Dragonia galaxy. Sensing a War is part of the massive collab called War of Worlds, as we strive for freedom, some do not agree. Peace and Quiet is not part of their dictionary, what would happen now?Read more...

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Fairies are magical creatures that has spiritual powers. They are small tiny beings that flies around the forest, balancing the world. Creating everyday life normal and peaceful.


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