Entrance to Hellaverse

Only non-demon-visble entrance to Hellaverse


Hellaverse (Also known as Hell, the Inferno, the Underworld, etc.) is the universe from which all demons, evil, and half-demons are produced. It is composed of many different hellish areas and is ruled bye four rulers- two kings and two queens. However, the kings and queens do not have much control- and don't really want to control- over the rancid, rabid, dangerous demons that run wild in the world.

Important LocationsEdit

The Azazel FieldsEdit

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Lilith CityEdit

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Vampiric TerritoryEdit

The Vampiric Territory is located on the southern edge of Hellaverse.

Lycanthrope TerritoryEdit

The Lycantrhope Territory is located on the northern edge of Hellaverse.

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