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Now, this is where all the rules are going to be applied!

  1. No Trolling, Spamming or Vandalizing
  2. Show sensible attitude towards other writers (No flaming other people)
  3. No multiple accounts use for voting a poll (besides, it's Wikia's rule to not have more than one account).
  4. No useless blogs will be allowed (i.e. "Hi! How are you doing!" or real life talk
  5. No trolling or flaming in chat. Doing so will get you banned from chat
  6. If you are banned, and you feel it is a mistake, come talk to one of the admins, and they will decide if you are innocent or guilty (Just like in courts)

More rules to be added.

This is I, Ersason. Since I am the one in charge of superheroes I shall make a rule. I will explain what powers ARE NOT allowed. Please comly!

  1. Death Touch
  2. Invunerability
  3. Thanatoskinesis
  4. Immortality (Unless God)
  5. Matter based powers i.e Matter Absorption (Causes too much hastle as it leads to projection)
  6. Possesion is fine but if it becomes Possesion in a wide range, OP
  7. Power Nullification
  8. Reality Warping
  9. Vaporizing Beams
  10. Nitrokinesis is too OP as it can make someone create any size explosions so limit Nitrokinesis.
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