Here is the first Chapter of Don't Cry Over Spilled Blood by DarkCyberWolf.


Chapter One==


My name is Drake, and I am an illegal citizen.

Thirty years ago, the city of Karmer was attacked by a group of dragons. Their names were Ember, Valegrad, Gro'thrush, and one other that I don't know how to spell. Nobody knows why they attacked, but the general idea is that dragons are bad news.

And that is why, soon after the attack, Karmer made dragons illegal in the city. Including me. Luckily, I can survive, since I'm only half dragon. My dad's a human named Windsor. My mom's a dragon. I've never met her myself, so I just assume she was caught by the cops after I was born and now she's dead.

Since I'm half-dragon, I look like a mix of dragon and man. Naturally, at least. In public, I'm always in human disguise. I make sure my hair covers the horns on my head. I wear three shirts every day so nobody can notice my wings. And I always keep my tail completely hidden under my jeans.

This is the story of how that all went wrong...


My name is Tamara, and I cannot control myself.

When I was a little girl, I ran away from home. Say I was stupid, or impulsive, or whatever, but it won't make a difference. I just did and I don't remember why.


My name