Don't Cry Over Spilled Blood is the first Holoverse story written by DarkCyberWolf. It follows the (first?) supernatural- horrific adventure of a group of people locked in the brutal consequences of being who they are.


Drake Grothrush - Son of James Windsor and Gro'thrush. Drake keeps his mother's heritage a secret, as there is an outlaw on dragons and half-dragons. He has power from the dragon side of the family, but it comes with a powerful bloodlust.

Tamara Pierce - Tamara is embarrassed by her own past. A runaway since age six, she was attacked by a guy who saw her on the street (Not what you're thinking)! The guy was a vampire. Now Tamara is a reluctant vampire who wants to consume NO blood until the vampire virus leaves her system.

Alana Terrence - Alana is a mermaid who grew up in the Bermuda Triangle before being forcedto move. She cannot even touch water without getting gills and a tail, something that is fatal without a significant source of water to breathe in.


Chapter 1