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Days of Prison

"Queen please evacute!" The kingdom is in chaos, the princess only around 4 years old is missing. The King is already dead. Only the queen is still in safe condition.

"I do not want to leave this kingdom. I am the queen, if the palace is to be destroyed then I shall die with it!" The Queen declared to her servants. Her knights bow down on her, they raised their swords. "Then we shall die with you." They put down their swords and kneel infront of the queen, facing the door.  The palace's ceiling fell down. If one were to see the emotion on the queen's face one would say that she was content with her own death, happy and glad.

1000 years later...

"Klein hurry up!"  Jonathan Claus told his son. The two were hiking up a mountain. The mountain was said to be magical. Those who gets lost says they meet a girl that lead let them rest on a small cotage and the next day the girl would disappear, a map of the mountain will be seen the only thing on the cotage. 

Klein wanted to meet this magical lady of the mountain while his father wanted to investigate the ruins of a Kingdom that was said to be around there 1000 years ago.