Ariel Tweeto
Ariel Tweeto
Daughter of Poseidon
Abyssal Assassin
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 25 April 1994
Current age 16
Gender Female
Family Poseidon - Father

Linda Tweeto - Mother

Status Single
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
Skin Color Tan-White
Height 5'7
Weight (in lbs) 140
Alias  ???
Affiliation Demigods, Superheroes
Weapons Mini-trident
Species Superheroes, Demigods
Home Flooded Forest
Appearances Flooded Forest Extermination Quest
Quests Flooded Forest Extermination Quest

Ariel Tweeto is the daughter of Poseidon.


Ariel Tweeto is born from Linda Tweeto, and they pretty much lived a normal life until she is attacked by a giant lobster. She unknowingly uses her water related powers and make the giant lobsters disintegrate into dust.

After the incident, she was told by her mother to go to this place called Camp Half-Blood because at that time, she was told that she is a demigod. She doesn't know it at first, but later she realizes that she is a children of one of the big three gods.

After about a year of practice, she decided to walk her own path, and she created this huge base (With the help of water nymphs) somewhere in the dense jungle of Mexico.


Ariel is a fun and loving person, and she generally shows kindness to those who are kind to her. She is not bad tempered, but when she has a problem with her friends or someone, she will generally talk through it first.


  • She can control fresh and salt water like any children of Poseidon.
  • She can make a shield by compressing water until about 3600000 atm until it solidifies like an uninterrupable shield.